Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

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Rapid TCT at
Los Angeles Convention Center June 25 to 27

Iradion Eternity and Infinity laser sources on a blurred background.

Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing

Nexa3D Selective Laser Sintering 3D CO2 Laser Systems

Rapid TCT, North America’s largest additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing event will showcase the latest 3D technologies and over 100 industry leaders under one roof in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Visit the Nexa3D Booth #1839 and learn about their new additive manufacturing technology developments in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D laser processing of thermoplastics, RESIN 3D printing using LSPc® technology and Filament 3D printing.

CERAMICORE® Technology and SLS 3D Printing

Faster Sintering and Higher Resolution

Our patented CERAMICORE® CO2 laser sources are ideal for SLS 3D printing systems. Eternity and Infinity Plus models achieve faster sintering and higher resolution of delicate features resulting in higher production rates. A wide range of thermoplastics and polymer materials can be easily processed:

Benefit from our patented CERAMICORE® technology:

Quantum Laser Sintering by Nexa3D

Zero Waste 3D Printing with CERAMICORE® Technology

The Nexa3D portfolio includes the Quantum Laser Sintering machines QLS820, QLS260 and QLS230. The QLS820 is powered by our patented CERAMICORE® technology and uses a quad laser-scanner design. It produces up to 4 times the throughput compared to traditional laser SLS 3D printers.

To achieve faster part production speeds, the QLS820 uses:

The QLS820 prints large parts in the work zone of 350 mm x 350 mm x 400 mm with 50 to 200 micron Z resolution.

Nexa3D Quantum Laser Sintering machine QLS820

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