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Nanosecond Lasers

Blizz Air Superior Short Pulse Laser

Blizz air series laser source

Excellent Performance

Outstanding performance for high-tech applications.

High Peak Power

High peak power for a wide range of applications.

Low Cost of Ownership

Developed for demanding OEM applications - delivering the lowest cost of ownership.

Exceptional Performance

Air-Cooled High Power Laser with Excellent Stability

The Blizz Air short pulse laser was designed for high precision applications such as ID card making. Each laser pulse in the process is precisely controlled to generate brilliant and noiseless pictures and state-of-the art safety features. Power meets precision in the Blizz Air models, making them the ideal lasers for high-speed and high-end applications. 


Short Pulse Laser for High Peak Power

The Blizz Air enables high machine throughput without the need for water cooling. Get consistent and precise results at the highest speeds for material processing.  

The Blizz Air short pulse laser provides consistent and precise results at highest speeds and minimal heat-affected zones (HAZ).  

Enhance your production with the Blizz Air short pulse laser.


Blizz Air Short Pulse Laser with Unprecedented Reliability

The Blizz Air provides outstanding performance for high-tech applications: 

Detail of an ID card inside a wallet

ID Cards

LED or display manufacturing

LED or Display Manufacturing

Close up of clothes washer dial

High-Speed Marking

Printed Circuit Board cutting flex or grid

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cutting, Flex or Rigid


Exceptional Short Pulse Laser Performance

The air-cooled Blizz Air short pulse lasers offer the following advantages: 

Customization & Options

Blizz Air - Customizable Short Pulse Lasers

Optimize your Blizz Air laser for your application: 

Customized laser performance 

Laser interfacing 

specified laser developments 

Tailor your laser design with the following options: 

Umbilical length 1-10 m 

45° connectors at the laser head 

19-inch power supply 

Beam expander box 

Variable attenuator box 

Scan head adapter flanges 


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Blizz air series laser source

Datasheet Blizz Air

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