Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

Nanosecond Lasers

Q-switched Nanosecond Lasers with Exceptional Performance in a Compact All-in-One Design

Vivio Q-switched nanosecond laser sources side by side

PULSECORE technology

Unmatched process control with highest pulse-to-pulse stability and short pulse width.

All-in-One Design

Fully integrated one-board power supply and laser control electronics.


Long laser life due to unique metal-sealed hyperclean UV technology.

Compact. Powerful. Reliable.

All-in-One Q-switched Nanosecond Lasers

The all-new Vivio is the latest addition to our growing line-up of Q-switched nanosecond lasers. The all-in-one concept comes with a fully integrated one-board power supply and control electronics. Its latest hyperclean UV technology and the integrated closed-loop air purification system ensure exceptional UV lifetimes and hands-off operation.

Thanks to our unique PULSECORE technology, the Vivio has the most precise and fastest pulse energy control at the best pulse-to-pulse stability We help you find a tailor-made solution for your industrial applications. The compact design and the exceptional performance are just two of its unique features.


Q-switched Nanosecond Laser with Hands-off Operation for 24/7 Industrial Applications

As part of the NANOCORE™ product family, the Vivio stands for reliability and flexibility in production with unique possibilities for process control and precision. This Q-switched nanosecond laser comes with a fully integrated one-board power supply and control logic. Best pulse stability and advanced laser control features enable precise processing results.

The Vivio nanosecond laser provides low costs of ownership and can be easily integrated into various types of industrial laser equipment.

Discover the all-in-one Vivio Q-switched nanosecond laser for your industrial laser applications.


Superior Pulse-to-Pulse Stability for Your Applications

The Vivio Q-switched nanosecond laser offers off-hand operation for 24/7 industrial applications and superior performance.

Chip marking

Chip Marking

Mark permanent characters as small as 60 µm in size and smaller. For example, company logo patterns on the surface.

SD Card cutting

SD Card Cutting

Cut and depanel SD cards with the Vivio nanosecond laser.

PCB marking

PCB Marking

Mark and cut various kinds of PCB, such as rigid, semi-flex and flexible types.

Detail of a person switching washing programs on the control panel

Plastics Marking

Mark your plastic parts and generate the highest contrasts. Whether it is black on white plastics, white on black, or any other color combination.


Q-Switched Nanosecond Lasers Engineered for Demanding Applications

Experience the Vivio advantages: 

Customization & Options

Easy to Customize and Integrate

Choose from the following customization options for our Q-switched nanosecond lasers:

Other available options: 


Find more detailed information in our datasheet and product guide.

Vivio series laser source

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