Nanosecond Lasers

Nanio Q-switched DPSS Lasers – the Flexible Watercooled Laser

Nanio series laser source

Superior Pulse-to-Pulse Stability

Optimized control functions for stable process results

Highest Flexibility

Designed to provide a wide variety of customization options

Multiple Wavelengths

From 355nm up to 1342 nm

Highest Flexibility

Multiple Wavelengths Combined with a Wide Range of Customization Options

The nanosecond DPSS lasers of the Nanio series are a reliable tool for industrial laser processing systems. It is specifically designed for easy customization and is available in a variety of wavelengths.  

Find out how you can take your laser machines to the next level with our nanosecond Q-switched lasers. 


Minimize Downtime

The Nanio Q-switched nanosecond lasers are designed for reliability and flexibility. The Nanio series offers customizable laser parameters that enable the highest speed and quality for your laser process.  

The modular design ensures easy maintenance and minimizes downtime. 

Accelerate your production with the high performance of Nanio Q-switched nanosecond lasers.


Flexible Q-Switched Nanosecond Lasers for a Wide Range of Applications

The lasers are used in the following markets and industries:

extreme close-up of German ID card in black leather wallet

ID Card Marking

Wafer marking

Wafer Marking


Plastic Marking

Glass processing

Glass Cutting and Drilling

Wafer dicing

Wafer Dicing


Designed for Demanding Industrial Applications

The Nanio Qswitched nanosecond laser is designed for applications that benefit from excellent beam quality with optimized pulse width and high pulse intensity over a wide range of operating conditions. Its features: 

Customization & Options

Highest Flexibility with Customizable Nanosecond DPSS Lasers

The Nanio Q-switched nanosecond laser can be tailored regarding optical performance, electrical interfacing, as well as hard- and software control.  

A variety of additional options are selectable. 

Pulse picker AOM 

Control and operation modes 

Laser interfacing and software control 

Failsafe safety shutter and electronics

Umbilical length 1 to 20 m  

Beam expander box  

Motorized attenuator 


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Nanio series laser source

Datasheet Nanio

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