Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

Nanosecond Lasers

Q-Switched Green Laser Superior Reliability and Un­precedented Cost-Performance Ratio

Blizz series laser source

High Peak Power and Short Pulse Width

The high peak power combined with short pulse widths enable fast processing speeds especially on hard materials.

Superior Pulse-to-Pulse Stability

The Blizz is the perfect tool for today’s demanding applications that require high output power, excellent beam quality and superior pulse-to-pulse stability even at high repetition rates.

Compact & Rugged Industrial Design

The rugged laser head comes with an exceptionally small 48 VDC OEM power supply or optionally with a 1 RU version.

High Power and Short Pulse Widths for Better Process Results

Blizz High Power
Q-Switched Green Lasers

The Blizz is the most powerful q-switched green DPSS laser in our line-up, engineered for superior reliability and performance. With its disruptive cost-performance ratio the Blizz is made for demanding 24/7 industrial applications that require excellent performance at a low cost of ownership. Based on the field-proven Nanio Series the Blizz’s new design cuts down system costs significantly without any trade-offs in quality or laser life. 


Q-Switched Green Laser - The Perfect Tool for Demanding Applications

Due to the highest peak power among our lasers, the Blizz series provides higher cut quality. Achieve precise results and reduce cutting loss to a minimum especially when working with brittle and hard materials.   

Increase processing speed and quality. The Blizz q-switched green laser is highly efficient even on difficult materials such as diamonds. No post-processing is required due to the excellent edge roughness after laser processing. 

Enhance your production with our Blizz q-switched green laser.


Peak Power for Hard Materials

The Blizz q-switched green laser provides outstanding performance in the following applications: 

Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide tooling

Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide Tooling

Close up of clothes washer dial

High-Speed Marking

Printed Circuit Board cutting flex or grid

Printed Circuit Board Cutting, Flex or Rigid



Particle Image Velocimenty

PIV (Particle Image Velocimenty)


Cut Down System Costs without any Trade-Offs in Quality

Next to the disruptive cost-performance ratio, the Blizz Series q-switched green lasers offer: 

Customization & Options

Customizable Q-Switched Green Lasers with Superior Reliability

Customize the Blizz series for your individual application: 

Customized laser performance 

Customized Laser interfacing 

Specified laser developments 

Discover the available options: 

Umbilical length 1-10 m 

Beam expander box 

Variable attenuator box 

Scan head adapter flanges 

Water-to-water or water-to-air chiller 


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Blizz series laser source

Datasheet Blizz

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