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Nanosecond Lasers

Nanio Air DPSS Lasers – the Flexible Air-Cooled Laser

Nanio Air series laser source

Better Process Results

Benefit from our advanced pulse control features

Highest Reliability

High-end components for best lifetime

Adapted to Your Application Needs

Customization of laser design

Highest Flexibility

Air-Cooled with a Compact Design

The Nanio Air Q-switched DPSS Laser is designed to be easily customized for your application. Tailor your individual laser performance with this compact short-pulse laser. 

Nanosecond laser source Nanio Air


Improve Throughput and Quality of Your Process with Nanio Air

Find a nanosecond DPSS laser that exactly matches your application. The Nanio Air offers advanced pulse control features for best stability and accurate process repeatability. 

Improve your production quality with the flexible Nanio Air DPSS laser.


Flexible Nanosecond DPSS Lasers for a Wide Range of Applications

The lasers are used in the following markets

Detail of an ID card inside a wallet

ID Card

LED or display manufacturing

LED and Display

Chip and PCB

Chip and PCB



Resistor trimming

Resistor Trimming


Engineered for Challenging Industrial Applications

The Nanio Air Q-switched DPSS Laser is designed for applications that benefit from excellent beam quality with optimized pulse widths across a wide range of operating conditions. Its features: 

Customization & Options

Highest Flexibility with Customizable Nanosecond DPSS Lasers

The Nanio Air can be tailored regarding optical performance, electrical interfacing, as well as hard and software control.  

A variety of additional options are selectable.  

Umbilical length 1 -10 m 

19-inch power supply 

Beam expander box 

Scan head adapter flanges 

Constant pulse energy mode CPEM+ 

Motorized attenuator 


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Nanio Air series laser source

Datasheet Nanio Air

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