Adaptable and Easy-to-Integrate Nanosecond Lasers


NANOCORE® laser source models

Unprecedented Reliability

The closed-loop air purification system ensures a long laser lifetime.

Increase Productivity

Match the nanosecond laser to your application for the highest throughput and process quality.

Minimize Downtime

Exchange field replaceable components within minutes without dismounting the laser head.

Laser Sources for Industrial Applications

Your Perfect Fit for Demanding Applications

Discover our reliable laser sources that are the perfect choice for your specific laser application. Choose a nanosecond laser that perfectly matches your process. Optimal specifications and superior performance provide consistent results under constant use. 

Why Iradion

Innovative DPSS Lasers with Outstanding Performance

Iradion developed NANOCORE™ lasers to provide tools that exactly match the process requirements of any application. You can choose from a large selection of standard products. Alternatively, we can optimize the performance of our nanosecond lasers according to your specific application needs.

Iradion lasers are easy to integrate and service with field-replaceable components that can be exchanged in minutes. The integrated active air purification systems ensure a long laser life. Due to the superior pulse-to-pulse stability and beam quality our Nanosecond lasers are a highly reliable tool. 


NANOCORE™ Nanosecond Lasers - Flexibility for Your Individual Applications

Our NANOCORE™ nanosecond lasers offer a wide variety of solutions for your applications. Find the laser that is the perfect fit in terms of parameters, design, and control features:

All NANOCORE™ lasers guarantee excellent reliability for both standard and customized lasers.

Our application and laser experts help you develop specialized laser specifications for making your process better, faster, and more cost-effective.

Explore our NANOCORE™ nanosecond lasers for your applications.

NANOCORE™ Nanosecond Laser Overview

Unparalleled Laser Performance for Your Applications

Nanio series laser source


The modular design of the Nanio nanosecond lasers is perfect for customization and simplifies integration and maintenance.

Nanio Air series laser source

Nanio Air

The Nanio Air lasers combine the flexibility of the Nanio series with a cost-effective vibration-free air-cooled design.

Blizz series laser source


The Blizz nanosecond lasers offer high output powers to meet your maximum speed and quality needs.

Blizz air series laser source

Blizz Air

The Blizz Air lasers combine excellent performance with the lowest cost of ownership in an air-cooled design.

Vivio series laser source


The Vivio hyperclean UV technology comes in a compact all-in-one design that is setting new standards in UV laser reliability.

Mosquitoo series laser source


A super compact conduction-cooled design with short pulses makes Mosquitoo the perfect tool for small machines in 24/7 use.


Your Nanosecond Laser Questions Answered

Finding the best possible laser is the key to a successful application. Our laser and application experts are happy to process your material and find the best possible solution for you. 
All our lasers are designed for heavy 24/7 industrial use. Individual usage varies but our lasers are designed to operate reliably for 5 years or longer. 
We are happy to help you with a replacement laser. The modularity and flexibility of our nanosecond lasers allow the adaption of specifications. Further, your new laser source has a compact design that makes it easy to integrate.  

Contact us for more information about NANOCORE™ nanosecond lasers.