Laser Sources Engineered for Industrial Applications

Optimize Production Processes

Precise and fast processing of a variety of materials.

Long Laser Life

Durable design to increase return on investment.

Adjusted to Your Needs

Explore customized laser sources modified for your individual application.

Core Laser Technology

Customizable Laser Sources

As the world leader in Core laser technology, Iradion offers a wealth of experience to help you optimize your production. Our experts help you select a suitable laser source and parameters. 

Our customized solutions offer improved process repeatability and create better results. In addition, the durable design of our laser sources makes them suitable for 24/7 applications.   

Product Overview

Laser Sources Designed for Your Applications

CERAMICORE® laser source models


Innovation with CERAMICORE® technology.

NANOCORE® laser source models

Nanosecond Lasers

Customizable and durable for the best process result.

Femtosecond laser source Aionis

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Precision and quality for micromachining.


Customized Lasers

Modified for your application.

Step-by-Step Process

Design Your Reliable Production Process with Iradion Laser Sources

We adjust our laser sources to your requirements to help you increase uptime and profits. Explore our modular designs with our team of experts to find the best laser and process design for your production. 


We support you in the following topics: 

Step 1
Feasibility Studies

We want your applications to work. Benefit from our experience and test our lasers on your material.

Step 2
Product Selection

We support you to select the best laser for your application. Choose from a variety of wavelengths, pulse durations and power levels.

Step 3
Process Design

Optimally use our laser sources. Let us help you find the appropriate process design to be precise and fast.

Step 4

Our modular design and the small footprint of the lasers as well as the flexible interfacing make integration as easy as possible.

Talk to our laser specialists about your application requirements.

Talk to our laser specialists about your requirements.