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Iradion – World Leader in Core Laser Technology

Solutions for a Variety of Industrial Applications

Iradion Laser Development for Your Individual Processes

Iradion is a manufacturer of laser sources based on differentiated and cutting edge laser technologies. With our Core Laser technology, we are dedicated to carefully designing and modifying our laser sources for our customer´s exact processes.

Our product portfolio includes:


Designing Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Laser technology comes in a wide variety of wavelengths, beam characteristics, and pulse times. The processes require specialized technologies and excellent applications to run perfectly. Our specialists help you to tailor the laser sources to the exact needs of your application processes.

Iradion’s leading core laser technology


CeramiCore® Lasers

All the reactive components you find in a metal-based CO2 laser are removed inside Iradion’s CeramiCore® tubes. Instead, pure clean Alumina ceramic is used. Alumina does not react with the laser gas preventing loss of power over the years.


NanoCore Lasers

Nanosecond lasers provide superior constant quality of applied laser points. Our experts fine-tune your laser source to the exact process reducing your total cost of ownership.


FemtoCore Lasers

Femtosecond lasers can be used for a wider range of applications. They are easy to adjust with integrated pulse pickers, pulse-on-demand functionality, and a variety of burst mode options.

Why Iradion

Easy Integration and a Long Lifetime with Iradion

As the world leader in core laser technology, Iradion provides the know-how needed to develop laser sources aligned with the needs of your processes. Laser cut, scribe, drill, mark, or weld without any loss of power.


Differentiated and cutting-edge laser technologies.

Reduce Costs

Lower total cost of ownership.

Consistent Production Quality

Superior beam stability.

Long Lifetime

No contamination or loss of power with patented CeramiCore® Technology.

Explore our reliable lasers for your applications.

Company History

Exceptional Laser Technology Since 2007

A laser galvo coding module that was developed for the food and drug industry marked the beginning of the new ceramic core laser technology in 2001. Iradion was founded in 2007 after acquiring the intellectual property and the patent for the design.

A contract to supply the Department of Defense with CO2 lasers with a 10-year shelf-life led to further development improving performance and reliability. Additional R&D programs resulted in a product range with models ranging from 25 W to 250 W.

In 2022 Innolas Photonics and Iradion Laser merged under the name of Iradion Laser Group. Innolas Photonics is a manufacturer of high-quality nanosecond and ultrashort pulse laser sources for industrial applications

Be Part of Our Team

Innovation and Teamwork at Iradion

If you want to work in a high-tech company with a great team spirit, varied challenges, and opportunities for personal development, join our international team. 

We are hiring across the board in all departments:

If you are committed to a rewarding career in the photonics industry, send us your application today.

Quality Management

Production to the Highest Standard with Iradion

Iradion is accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This certification represents an international consensus on good quality management practices.

We aim to exceed customers’ expectations. Constant improvement and quality management are crucial in finding effective solutions that fit our customers’ needs. Following the standards and guidelines of the certification ensures production to the highest standard.


Manufactured in Germany and the USA and Distributed Globally

Iradion’s headquarter is based in Wels, Austria. Our sales and manufacturing facilities are situated in Uxbridge, MA,USA, Krailling, Germany, and Shenzen, China.

Our network of distributors and specialized technology partners provides support and services for customers worldwide.

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Iradion Laser Inc.
One Technology Drive
MA 01569-2235

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Iradion Laser GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 8
82152 Krailling

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Iradion Laser Inc. China
Room 2027, Changcheng Building
Kefa Rd., Nanshan District
Shenzhen 518060
Guangdong province
P.R. China

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