Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

What Matters in Laser Integration

Customer Focus and Industry Expertise

Broad and Customizable Product Portfolio

Tackle all customer requirements with our large range of highly flexible and tailor-made laser sources.

Experienced and Reliable Partner

Consult our laser specialists and benefit from their vast industrial knowledge in more than 10 industries.

Fast Delivery and Integration

With short delivery times and more than 13 control modes our lasers are built for a fast and simple integration.

Trends and Challenges for Tailor-Made Laser Systems

Trust the World Leader in Core Laser Sources

Laser system manufacturers face challenges from two sides – the customer and the supplier. At Iradion, we support you with our unique laser technology as well as our carefree support and integration package. With our solutions, you will be able to concentrate exclusively on the customer side.

We understand what your customer is looking for and pay close attention to important criteria in laser processing. These criteria are essential for production lines running in the most cost-efficient way:

We help you fulfill these criteria and support you with our compact lasers that are tailored to your customers’ requirements. We provide you with the application know-how, service and support needed. As the world leader in core laser sources, Iradion is your international and reliable partner for laser integration. Stay competitive in performance, time-to-market and pricing!

Delivered in less than 8 weeks

Benefit from our Rapid Response Service Program and get support within 24 hours.

Achieve productivity gains of up to 4 times

“At Iradion, we’re passionate about pioneering laser technologies that set new industry standards. We help our customers develop tailor-made solutions for businesses of all sizes and market segments worldwide. Our focus on R&D and hands-on applications ensures that our lasers deliver unmatched innovation and reliability. Trust Iradion for superior service, performance, and longevity with our groundbreaking ceramic core design. Join us in ‘Embracing Excellence’.”

Andreas Penz, CEO of Iradion

Why Iradion

From Application Support to Cutting-Edge Laser Technology

In laser integration, challenges like software communication, mechanical fit, or optical setup can arise during system development and implementation. We offer support in every development stage, whether you build a new machine or upgrade an existing one.

Avoid time-consuming integration by getting the laser source that fits your customers’ requirements. Integrate our core laser sources in your machine in the most cost-efficient way and benefit from:

Two men walking through a production hall with machines on both sides.

Plug-And-Play Solutions

Enjoy maximum flexibility with our easy-to-integrate laser sources.

Experienced Laser Specialists

Our team offers vast technical know-how through decades of experience developing tailor-made laser systems.


Reduce integration costs with our on-point support and integration-friendly laser design.

Guaranteed Deliverability

Get your laser delivered in less than 8 weeks. No discontinued laser series in our company history.

Talk to our laser specialists about ordering an evaluation laser or book an appointment in our application lab.

Areas of application

Provide Your Customers with Efficient Solutions

Stay flexible with our modular and compact designs and a wide range of laser parameters. Change to Iradion’s core laser technology and tackle your customers’ requirements with us.

We want you to stay competitive in the following crucial areas:

Machine performance

Technological innovation

Delivery time


Our laser specialists have decades of experience in laser integration, applications and service across various industries:

Step-by-Step Process

Develop Efficient Systems with Iradion Laser Sources

We adjust our laser sources to your requirements to help you increase uptime and profits. Explore our modular designs to find the best process design for your production.

Our laser specialists work closely with you to find the most suitable laser source and parameters:

Step 1
Application Analysis

Discuss and analyze your customers’ requirements with our laser specialists and evaluate the potential of our products in our lab or at your facilities.

Step 2
Specification of Laser Source Parameters

Our laser specialists work with you to align the necessary product parameters for integration, communication and technical specifications.

Step 3
Quotation and Delivery

Get a transparent quote quickly. Receive your chosen laser source within the agreed delivery time.

Step 4
After Sales Support

Our laser specialists help you with questions about the integration and operation of your laser source. Benefit from our White Glove Customer Support and Rapid Response Service Program.

Talk to our experienced laser specialists about your requirements.