FEMTOCORE™ Technology Inside

The Ultrafast Femtolaser for Next Generation Material Processing

Femtosecond laser source Aionis

Outstanding Performance

Highest-quality and outstanding performance for high precision laser manufacturing.

Easy Integration

The compact all-in-one design simplifies integration and makes the Aionis a rugged laser processing tool.

Durable Laser Source

Aionis femtosecond lasers are designed for 24/7 operation in the most demanding applications.

Excellent Performance

Aionis Femtolaser for High-Precision Manufacturing

The all fiber based Aionis ultrafast laser is engineered for demanding 24/7 applications that require outstanding performance. Laser head, power supply and control electronics are integrated in a rugged, compact all-in-one femtolaser head made of strengthened aluminum for highest stability.

The new design significantly cuts down system costs without any trade-offs in quality or laser lifetime.

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Aionis


Femtolaser: New Ways of Laser Material Processing

The Aionis ultrafast lasers provide outstanding performance for highly efficient laser processes. Our 515, 1030 and 1950 nm femtolaser models are the optimum choice for high-quality and precision laser manufacturing.

Thanks to the short femtosecond pulses, the Aioinis ultrafast lasers do not generate heat affected zones (HAZ).

The 48 VDC operating voltage and the field proven laser control interface enable a simple and easy integration of the system. An integrated pulse picker/modulator is included for fast pulse and fast power control commands.

Experience contactless and wear-free manufacturing on any type of material.

Explore new ways of laser material processing using our FEMTOCORE™ technology.


Reliable Femtolaser for Your Laser Processing Systems

The Aionis femtosecond lasers provide unparalleled laser processing results for the following applications:

Part of the artificial tibia. Human bone for prosthesis. 3D illustration on white background.

Medical / BioTech






Femtolaser - Engineered for 24/7 Industrial Applications

The Aionis ultrafast femtolaser comes with an integrated pulse picker and pulse-on-demand and burst mode options. Combined with wavelengths of either 1950 nm, 1030 nm or 515 nm this builds a unique line-up up in the laser industry.

It is designed for applications that require:


Femtolaser Customization Options for Individual Applications

Choose from the following options for Aionis ultrafast lasers:


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Femtosecond laser source Aionis

Datasheet Aionis

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