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Femtosecond laser source Aionis

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Our all-in-one femtosecond lasers are designed for 24/7 industrial production. Experience high-quality manufacturing with ultrashort laser pulses and benefit from:

Why Iradion

High-Quality Manufacturing with FEMTOCORE® Femtosecond Lasers

Iradion knows the needs of customers. That’s why we developed fiber-based femtosecond lasers with FEMTOCORE® technology. The laser performance is engineered for high-quality manufacturing in a variety of industries:

We collaborate closely with our customers from checking feasibility to laser integration to service. We have a global network of distributors, machine integrators, service partners, and application labs. This enables us to offer reliable delivery and respond to queries quickly.


FEMTOCORE® Technology for Next-Generation Material Processing

Our durable FEMTOCORE® femtosecond lasers are specifically designed for demanding industrial applications. The all-in-one design significantly cuts system costs and ensures a long laser life.

Ultrashort pulse lasers are suitable for different manufacturing processes, such as ablation, cutting, engraving, marking, and shaping. Work on various materials from ceramics to metals to polymers.

The easy-to-integrate laser source can also be used for advanced micro-machining. Manufacture nanostructures and microstructures in all shapes without any geometric constraints.

The short pulse width of our fiber-based femtosecond laser ensures that there are no heat-affected zones (HAZ), which guarantees superior product quality. You get excellent edge quality, roughness, and the precise shape that is needed.

Improve your product quality using advanced FEMTOCORE® femtosecond laser technology.

Ultrashort Pulse Laser

Aionis: for High-Precision Manufacturing

Femtosecond laser source Aionis


Highest quality, easy integration and cost-saving design. Our femtosecond laser is suitable for the most demanding applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your FEMTOCORE® Femtosecond Laser Questions Answered

Choosing the appropriate pulse duration is a critical aspect of laser manufacturing. To avoid any thermal influence and damage in the processed materials, use ultrashort femtosecond pulses.

Some manufacturing processes require longer pulses, because of thermal energy input into the material. Therefore, the Iradion femtosecond lasers can be tuned from femtosecond to picosecond pulse durations. This allows for high flexibility in processing.

The average power needed for your manufacturing process depends on its specific requirements. Our FEMTOCORE™ femtosecond lasers achieve great surface, in volume, and backside processing results across a wide range of materials.

For optimum application quality, the pulse energy and repetition rate are critical laser parameters that determine the average power of the laser. Our team is dedicated to help you find the ideal laser parameters for your process, ensuring the best possible processing result.

Wavelength is not the most important parameter when surface processing is required. At these high laser intensities, multiphoton absorption occurs. When processing in volume or backside material, you need to pay attention to the wavelength. Wavelengths need to be adapted to achieve high transmittance.

Iradion offers different wavelengths on our FEMTOCORE™ Lasers, which are appropriate for the specific manufacturing process you want to realize. The wavelengths range between 515 nm and 1950 nm for flexible processing.

In high-precision micro-machining the process result needs to be the best quality. Even minimal damage should be avoided. Many effects that could negatively influence the process result are related to temperature changes.

Femtosecond laser pulses concentrate all pulse energy in the process zone without heating up the surrounding material. This effect is called cold ablation.

There is no regular service needed. Our lasers are engineered for 24/7 manufacturing processes.

The all-in-one design provides all the components needed to integrate the laser into your machine. Everything is within one housing and integration is easy.

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