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Nanio Air series laser source

Improve Performance with a Customized Laser

Increase quality and speed for a higher throughput.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Eliminate post-processing steps with minimal material loss and a high surface quality.

Find Your Tailor-Made Solution

Talk to our experienced application specialists about your requirements.

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Become a Technology Leader With a Customized Laser System

We are your trusted partner in the field of lasers for industrial applications. Profit from our wealth of experience:

Why Iradion

Customized Lasers: Versatile and Reliable

World-leading in core laser technology, Iradion has developed unique modular laser models. Their unmatched versatility makes our customized lasers

Tailor the laser performance exactly to your application needs in close cooperation with our experts. Our laser specialists choose the most effective solution from our flexible modular designs. They find a unique way in which our field-proven standard models can be integrated into your production easily and quickly.

Tailor-Made for Superior Performance

Specific Options for Your Customized Lasers

Create your individual adapted laser system for maximum efficiency. Our specialized team provides the following variations for your production:

Develop your laser processes with the world leader in core laser technology in 4 simple steps:

Step 1
Feasibility Studies

Send us your specific requirements and test Iradion laser sources on your materials.

Step 2
Product Selection

Our specialists select the most suitable laser source for your production. Get advice on wavelengths, pulse durations and power levels for the most effective solution for your application.

Step 3
Process Design

Our laser sources are versatile tools. Discover the most efficient process design for your application with the help of our experts.

Step 4

We show you the easiest way to integrate our laser sources into your processes. We ensure that your new customized laser improves precision and speeds up your production.

Explore our reliable customized lasers for your applications. Talk to our experts about your specific requirements.

Stones laser engraved with the sentence: You are amazing

“We have been able to customize our lasers to meet our exact needs with the highest reliability. This has been a key factor in becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductor wafer marking machines.”

– Andreas Behr, CEO InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions About Customized Lasers Answered

A customized laser should be considered when the available standard products do not meet your requirements in terms of speed, quality, or integration. Contact our laser specialists to find a tailor-made solution for your production.

Every laser process is unique. There is no general rule about which laser performs best for your specific needs. We work in close cooperation with our customers. Benefit from our decades of experience and test the different lasers in our application labs. Together we define the most effective solution for your success.

Over the past decades, Iradion has developed unique modular laser designs. They allow laser parameters to be modified without changing any components. All the modules remain the same. There are just different methods of combining them. This allows us to build them with the highest reliability. 

At Iradion, we know that every business starts with a first unit. Whether you want the best possible laser for your first machine or take your large existing business to the next level, our modular design allows for a cost-effective solution. 

Contact us for more information about customized lasers and our core laser technology.