Optimized CERAMICORE® Performance

Sealed CO2 Laser – Power and Durability with the Destiny Series

Destiny series laser source

Easy to Integrate

Powerful and compact for easy integration: robot arm-mount cell, automated web systems and more.

Update your Plant

The space-saving configuration makes it easy to replace your conventional sealed CO2 lasers.


Realize the benefits of improved CO2 Laser productivity and reliability.

Destiny Series

Unparalleled Sealed CO2 Laser Efficiency

The Destiny Series’ unique CERAMICORE® technology can process most applications with greater efficiency and performance than conventional glass and metal laser tubes.

The electrodes are mounted externally to the inert ceramic chamber that contains the laser gas. This eliminates potential metal contamination and power loss associated with conventional sealed CO₂ lasers.

You achieve maximum uptime. The low thermal expansion coefficient of the alumina ceramic material is critical. It promotes consistent optical alignment, long-term power stability, and superior beam characteristics that result in higher profitability!

CERAMICORE® Technology Benefits

Unlock More Efficient Sealed CO2 Laser Solutions for Your Applications

The Destiny Series is widely known for its outstanding performance in the 200 to 300-watt sealed CO₂ laser market. It is the most compact laser in its class! You benefit from: 

Discover new methods and solutions for your laser processing challenges. Contact us and learn more about the Destiny sealed CO2 lasers.


High Performance Destiny Sealed CO2 Laser

The Destiny Series provides more efficient production for the following applications: 

Cutting perforating and drilling

Cutting / Perforating / Drilling

Engraving and etching

Engraving / Etching

Heat treating and surface modifications

Heat Treating / Surface Modifications

Surface ablation

Surface Ablation

Textile fabrics cutting and stressing

Textiles / Fabrics Cutting and Stressing

Wire or busbar stripping

Busbar Stripping

Detail of the edge of a laser-cut glass

Glass Processing

Dummy Photo

Robot Cell Processing

Gantry system processing

Gantry System Processing

Dummy Photo

High-Speed Web Processing


Durable and High-Power Destiny Sealed CO2 Lasers

Profit from the following advantages of our Destiny Series: 

Customization & Options

Destiny Options for Your Sealed CO2 Lasers

Customize the Destiny sealed CO₂ lasers for your applications: 


Power levels:

200 and 250 watts

Wavelengths options:

10.6, 10.2 µm 

Pulsing options:


Cooling options:


Beam expansion/collimation:

6x, 5x, 4x, 3x, 2.5x 

Laser controls 

Customized final testing 

Operation and training programs 

Rapid response service program 

Laser gas degradation insurance 


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Destiny series laser source

Datasheet Destiny

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