Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

Laser Design and Construction with Maximum Reliability

Reach High Performance with the CO2 Laser Tube Infinity Series

Unmatched Performance

Get precise results with our patented CERAMICORE® technology.


No laser gas degradation for exceptional gas lifetime.

Fast Part Production

High-speed pulsing option for most power levels and wavelengths.

Versatility to Process Wide Range of Applications

Widest Selection of CO2 Laser Tubes with the Same Footprint

The Infinity CERAMICORE® CO2 laser tubes represent the most universal laser package in the industry. Infinity CO2 laser tubes are available as 50, 60, 80, 120 and 150-watt models with a choice of wavelengths and pulse specifications, all with the same footprint.

Fan-cooling or water-cooling is available on all power levels except for the 150-watt laser. All models can easily be integrated and are interchangeable to fit your product lines.


Easy to Integrate Infinity CO2 Laser Tube

Stay flexible in production with the Infinity CERAMICORE® CO2 laser tube. Choose the power levels, wavelengths, and pulsing specifications to maximize your ability to handle all your applications.

The rise and fall time specifications of the Infinity Plus CO2 laser tube are among the fastest in the industry. Experience faster processing speeds with a higher resolution. Increase your part production by up to 4 times compared to conventional CO2 laser tubes.

All Infinity models are scalable and modular for easy integration into new or existing systems. Because the footprint, beam specifications and laser operation are nearly identical, integrators and OEM equipment builders as well as users experience lower operating and maintenance costs.

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Infinity CO2 Laser Tube for Faster Laser Processing

A wide range of industries including automotive, electronics, identification marking or coding, retail packaging, food packaging, job shop production and industrial manufacturing have employed Infinity lasers for:

Cutting perforating and drilling

Cutting / Perforating / Drilling

Marking and coding

Marking / Coding

Engraving and etching

Engraving / Etching

Heat treating and surface modifications

Heat Treating / Surface Modifications

Surface ablation

Surface Ablation

Textile fabrics cutting and stressing

Textiles / Fabrics Cutting and Stressing

Wire or busbar stripping

Wire / Busbar Stripping

Dummy Photo

3D Plastic / Polymer Sintering and Additive Manufacturing

Detail of the edge of a laser-cut glass

Glass Processing


Better Process Results with the Infinity CO2 Laser Tube

Experience consistent power and longevity with the following additional advantages:

Customization & Options

Optimize Your Laser Processes with the Infinity CO2 Laser Tube

Customize your Infinity CERAMICORE® laser for your applications with power, wavelength, pulsing, and cooling options:


Power levels:

50, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150-watts  

Wavelengths options:

10.6, 10.2, 9.3 µm

Pulsing options:

 standard and fast pulse

 Cooling options:

fan-cooled or water-cooled

Mounting adaptor plates:

retrofit replacement of old lasers

Beam expansion/collimation:

6x, 5x, 4x, 3x, 2.5x

Power supply models and sources

Laser controls

Customized final testing

Operation and training programs

Rapid response service program

Laser gas degradation insurance


Find more detailed information in our datasheet.

Infinity series laser source

Datasheet Infinity

Datasheet Infinity Plus

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