Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

Outperforming Conventional Sealed CO2 Lasers

Iradion’s Patented
CERAMICORE® Laser Technology

Designed for Superior Performance and Ultimate Beam Stability

The CERAMICORE® Laser Innovation

The patented CERAMICORE® laser technology provides a non-reactive ceramic container for the laser gas mixture. The externally mounted metal electrodes excite the laser gas remotely. This prevents contamination and preserves the purity and integrity of the gas and internal optics.

Comparison of CERAMICORE® and conventional CO2 Laser tubes

CERAMICORE® versus Conventional CO2 Lasers

Conventional CO2 lasers use glass or metal tube designs with internal metal components. These designs enclose the laser gas mixture of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen with metal electrodes and other components, such as a metal containment tube and mirror mounts.

Inside the tube, the laser gas is energized by the electrodes. Over time, these internal metal electrodes shed atoms that degrade the laser gas. This contaminates the internal optics and reduces laser power and beam stability.

In contrast, the ceramic core inside a CERAMICORE® laser is sealed without any components on the inside and the electrodes are mounted on the outside of the resonator body. This way, the laser gas is excited from the outside and there are no interior metal surfaces that cause a reaction and contamination.

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CERAMICORE® Lasers Set New Gold Standards

Iradion sets a new gold standard for the CO2 laser industry with our CERAMICORE® laser technology that does not show any gas degradation. In addition, the thermal expansion of ceramic is 70% less than that of aluminum used in metal tube lasers. As a result, the patented CERAMICORE® laser design minimizes possible changes to internal optical alignments ensuring superior beam quality and stability over time.

The low thermal expansion of the ceramic enhances performance and supports long-term stability. The use of 30% fewer parts compared to typical CO2 models reduces the potential for component failure. Improve productivity by a factor of 2 with the fastest rise and fall times in the CO2 laser industry.

Your Iradion CERAMICORE® benefits:

Explore the benefits of CERAMICORE® technology for your new systems, workstations, or laser retrofits.

Iradion Rapid Response Service Program

Longevity Based on Patented CERAMICORE® Laser Technology

The CERAMICORE® laser innovation enables Iradion’s exclusive Rapid Response Service Program. The purchase of an Iradion laser guarantees White Glove Customer Support protecting your investment.

24-Hour Support

Receive a diagnostic response via phone or email within 24 hours.

Fast Service Actions to Minimize Downtime

Iradion offers quick turnaround laser repair or supports you with a replacement laser unit.

Free Refills

In the unlikely event of laser gas degradation, Iradion provides free refills for an unbeatable period of 7 years from the date of shipment.


CERAMICORE® Lasers: Excellence at the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Superior and Consistent Production Quality

All Iradion CERAMICORE® lasers provide stability with the widest power range from 2% to 100% programmable wattage.

Set up jobs that require limited energy or maximum power with ease and precision.

Longevity and the Highest Uptime

CERAMICORE® eliminates laser gas degradation and power loss issues of conventional CO2 lasers.

This ensures longevity and affordability for the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest ROI. Reduce preventive maintenance and extend machine uptime.

Maximum Productivity

CERAMICORE® lasers offer the shortest rise and fall times for the fastest pulsing.

Achieve maximum productivity gains of up to 2 times compared to typical CO2 lasers with the PLUS series.


Process a Wide Range of Materials with CERAMICORE® Lasers

CERAMICORE® laser technology is an excellent solution for the widest range of applications:

Cutting perforating and drilling

Micro-Perforating, and Slitting for Converting Lines

Marking and coding 2

Marking and Coding

Engraving and etching

Engraving and Etching

Heat treating and surface modifications

Heat Treating and Surface Modifications

Surface ablation

Surface Ablation

Textile fabrics cutting and stressing

Textile Cutting and Stressing

Wire or busbar stripping

Wire or Busbar Stripping

3D Plastic or polymer sintering and additive manufacturing

3D Plastic or Polymer Sintering and Additive Manufacturing.

Medical or dental procedures and surgery

Medical or Dental Procedures and Surgery

Detail of the edge of a laser-cut glass

Glass Processing

Customization & Options

CERAMICORE® Laser Models Tailor-Made for Your Application

Customize your CERAMICORE® laser for your individual applications with power, wavelength, pulsing, and cooling options. Iradion’s product line is the most scalable and modular laser design in the 60 – 150-watt CO2 segment.

Design your tailor-made solution once and integrate up to 36 different variations of laser power, wavelength and pulse characteristics with one footprint.



25 W, 30 W, 40 W, 50 W, 60 W, 80 W, 100 W, 120 W, 150 W, 200 W

and 250-watt models


9.3 µm, 10.2 µm, 10.6 µm, 11.2 µm 


Standard and fast pulse


air-cooled, fan-cooled, or water-cooled

Beam expansion or collimation

2.5x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x

Select the following configurations for your Iradion Eternity, Infinity , Infinity PLUS and Destiny models:

Contact us for more information about CERAMICORE® lasers.