Superior CO2 Laser Performance with CERAMICORE® Technology

Next-Generation Laser Sources

CERAMICORE® laser source models

Exceptional CO2 Laser Beam Characteristics

Excellent beam quality with impressive pulsing specifications.

Best Power Stability Range

Stable power output across the widest range of programmable settings.

Long-Term Reliability and Longevity

CERAMICORE® technology solves conventional laser issues.

Precise and Reliable Performance

CO2 Laser Innovation

Iradion CO2 lasers are designed with CERAMICORE® technology ensuring superior performance and longevity. The laser gas mixture is sealed within an inert ceramic chamber.

This eliminates the possibility of laser gas degradation and loss of power. Through this innovation, beam quality remains stable securing a long laser life.

Why Iradion

Proven Track Record of CO2 Laser Technology since 2007

Since its foundation in 2007, Iradion has developed and manufactured its patented CERAMICORE® technology. We provide laser sources in a variety of power levels and wavelengths. The unique design hermetically seals the CO2 laser gas mixture in an inert aluminum oxide ceramic chamber.

To energize the laser gas remotely, metal electrodes are mounted externally. This prevents the contamination of the laser gas mixture which guarantees consistent power and beam quality.

Iradion’s 7-year protection against laser degradation is an unmatched industry standard. In the event of degradation, we provide free laser gas refills.


Best Cost of Ownership with CERAMICORE® CO2 Lasers

Compared to conventional CO2 laser designs, Iradion’s innovative CERAMICORE® lasers provide superior performance for a wide range of applications.

Experience CERAMICORE® benefits in solving your application challenges while expanding your ability to process a wide range of materials. The innovative design ensures laser processing flexibility as well as productivity.

Explore our reliable CO2 lasers for your applications.

Product overview

Iradion CO2 Laser Solutions for Your Applications

CO2 CeramiCore® laser source Eternity

Eternity Series

Space-saving footprint that offers 25, 30 and 40-Watt models with a choice of wavelengths.

Infinity series laser source

Infinity Series

A large selection of power levels from 50 to 150 Watt and wavelengths in the same compact design.

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Alternative Wavelengths

Select the optimum wavelength for your application.

Destiny series laser source

Destiny Series

Most compact and high-powered 200 and 250-Watt lasers in the industry.

Stones laser engraved with the sentence: You are amazing

“The CERAMICORE® CO2 technology proved to be an excellent alternative to the traditional metal tube lasers by offering unique performance features as well as addressing the issue of long-term CO2 laser gas integrity of older technologies.”

– Tomasz Cieszyński, Nexa3D Director of Technology


CO2 Laser Questions and Answers

  1. Best application solution: Your new laser should provide the best combination of performance, reliability, durability, and support programs.
  2. Laser power stability: Lasers that provide consistent and repeatable power guarantee the best part quality. Laser design, operating efficiency, and cooling method combine to create power and stability.
  3. Rise and fall times: Rise and fall times dictate how fast a laser can perform intricate processing. Faster times ensure greater precision and more parts per hour.
  4. Reliability: Laser sources vary in performance and reliability. This depends on whether they utilize ceramic, glass or metal chambers to energize the laser gas. The integrity of the CO2 laser gas is crucial to the operation of a laser. Iradion’s CERAMICORE® technology ensures that there is no contamination of the laser gas inside the laser tube.

Glass tube lasers can last a few thousand hours or fail in a short period of time. Glass tubes are fragile and can break easily or crack if subjected to heat or vibration.

Metal chamber lasers are more durable and operate for years depending on their design and construction. Laser gas degradation due to metal contamination can cause power loss each year. Eventually, they fail, requiring laser gas refills or replacement.

CERAMICORE® CO2 lasers represent the latest generation of CO2 lasers that exhibit exceptional longevity of 5 years or longer. Iradion provides a laser gas refill for up to 7 years from shipment. This service is provided in the event of laser gas degradation at no extra cost.

Industries that successfully employ Iradion CO2 lasers in their operations include:

  • Manufacturing & Material processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Microelectronics & Semiconductor
  • Fashion
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Scientific

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