Laser Cut Plastic in the Automotive Industry

Automation With CERAMICORE®

Laser Cutting Versatility

Integrate our patented CO2 CERAMICORE® technology in your automation to laser cut plastic for 3D automotive parts.

Laser Precision for Robot Applications

Robot repeatability and laser precision ensure superior part quality.

Low-Cost CO2 Laser Robot Cell

The compact design of CO2 laser sources saves floor space and reduces system costs.

Robotic CO2 Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Plastic and Other Materials for Automotive Parts

Laser cut plastic and other non-metal 3D parts in automotive production. Meet production volumes quickly and process glass, leather, metals, plastics, rubber, textiles and wood with a versatile robotic laser cutting cell. 

Achieve precise results at a higher speed than with traditional manufacturing methods like waterjet and routing systems. Our compact CO2 laser sources with patented CERAMICORE® technology can easily be integrated into automated solutions.

Our CERAMICORE® technology exceeds the performance of conventional CO2 lasers. The unique ceramic core ensures that the laser gas is hermetically sealed inside the tube. This eliminates metal contamination from electrodes typically used in glass or metal tube laser designs that cause loss of power over time.

Why Iradion

Easy Automation with Robotic CO2 Laser Cells for the Automotive Industry

Integrate our CO2 laser sources with robots into your automated production lines. The compact and lightweight design of the Iradion Infinity and Destiny models ensures easy mounting on the robot arms used for 24/7 automotive production. Benefit from a simplified laser cutting head assembly and get a durable low-cost robot cutting cell.

Efficient beam delivery ensures a high-quality finish on A/B pillars, dashboards, door panels and other parts. Laser cut plastic and other materials with our versatile tool for automotive manufacturing.

Iradion lasers provide excellent power stability and fast pulsing rise/fall times for consistent laser processing. Speed up your automation with the widest selection of power levels and wavelengths for maximum productivity.

Talk to our specialists about your requirements to find the ideal process design. We develop a tailor-made solution for easy integration into your robotic systems.  

Materials & Areas of Application

Laser Cut Plastics and Polymers for Automotive Applications

To reduce the weight of vehicles and improve mileage, an increasing number of durable plastics and polymer parts are used in automotive production. CERAMICORE® robot cutting cells produce 3D plastic and polymer parts with superior edge quality, accuracy and consistency.

Integrate our CO2 laser into robot cells or automated production lines to laser cut the following types of plastics:

Iradion provides customized solutions for the following applications:

Two black central pillar trim - car interior part and element on white isolated background. Auto service industry. Spare parts catalog.

A/B Pillar Trimming

high precision aluminium rubber and plastic automotive part manufacturing by casting and machining

De-Grating Blow Mold Parts


Headliner Fabric Cutting

bumper bumpers isolated car auto front fender parts plastic automobile body

Cutting Polymer Bumpers

Laser cut plastic and other materials with a tailor-made robotic CO2 laser solution.

Suitable Laser Models

Precise & Fast: Laser Cut Plastic and Other Materials

Laser model



Laser mode

Patented CERAMICORE® CO2 laser technology
Patented CERAMICORE® CO2 laser technology

Power levels

60, 80, 100, 120, 150-watts

200, 250-watt models


10.6, 10.2, 9.3 µm

10.6., 10.2 µm

Pulse rise/fall time

< 40 µs

< 75 µs

Repetition rate

0.1 kHz to 140 kHz

0.1 kHz to 140 kHz

Beam quality

M² < 1.2

M² < 1.2

Power stability

< 3%

< 3%


534.4 mm x 200.0 mm x 157.7 mm / 14.7 kg

684 mm x 196 mm x 99 mm / 24.6 kg

24/7 Automotive Production with the Infinity or Destiny Series

Laser cut plastic and manufacture parts with consistent part edge quality. Discover how a Destiny or Infinity laser source can easily be integrated and benefit from:

This type of robotic cell can also be modified by interchanging the laser cutting head with a Galvo scanner. Use this setup for laser marking, ablation, perforating, drilling, and other high-speed scanning operations.

Discover your laser solution for automated processing.