Laser Coding & Marking in the Food & Beverage Industry

Coding and Marking Products

One kiwi cut in half next to a laser marked kiwi

Designed for High-Speed Production Lines

Increase your throughput with better rise/fall times.

Minimal Downtime

Because of our laser longevity and our rapid response service program.

24/7 Zero Waste Production

No chemicals, environmentally friendly.

Meet Increasing Demands from a Growing Population

Laser Coding for Faster and Profitable Production Lines

Food and beverage manufacturers have to keep up with increasing demands from a growing world population. Efficient high-speed production lines that eliminate as much waste as possible are required to succeed in this global industry.

Stay competitive and increase throughput with our fast pulse lasers for laser coding and marking food and packaging. Minimize production losses with the power of 24/7 zero waste operational capabilities.

Why Iradion

Permanent and Precise Laser Coding and Marking

Traditionally, Inkjet technology is used in the food and beverage industry. However, laser coding and marking is a more cost-efficient and environmentally clean solution. Laser technology requires no consumables like ink and avoids downtime needed to replace these consumables.

Laser coding and marking is a non-contact process that can be used for both static and dynamic production lines. Unlike other technologies that can only process a limited amount of image formats, our laser sources can mark all formats like

Profit from a simplified and flexible installation of our laser sources into already existing systems.

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Materials & Areas of Application

Laser Coding Food & Beverage Products

Laser coding and marking with our CO2 laser sources is achieved by:

Discover faster and more precise material processing for the following applications:

Plastic bottles running through a laser marking system on the production line.

Plastics Marking

Process plastics such as PET, PVC or polystyrene with precision and no post-processing. Laser mark QR and lot codes for traceability.

Laser-marked lemon with the word “Bio” on a white background.

Laser marking Organic Materials

Laser marking is a non-toxic process. No inks, solvents, or chemicals are needed. This makes it an environmentally friendly option for marking organic materials.

Markings are clear and permanent.

Laser Coding Cardboard and Paper

Laser coding systems mark cardboard and paper at high speeds, making them ideal for use in production lines. These systems create markings that are clear, permanent, and resistant to smudging, fading, or rubbing off.

Find out how you can profit from integrating our laser sources for laser coding and marking in food production lines.

Suitable Laser Models

Easy Integration Into Your Laser Coding Equipment

Laser model

Infinity Plus



CO2 laser
CO2 laser


50-100 Watts

25-50 Watts

Use for

Coding and marking

Coding and marking


10.6, 10.2, 9.3

10.6, 10.2, 9.3

Rise time

<40 µs

<75 µs

Increase Productivity with the Infinity Plus Series

The Infinity Plus series offers the industry’s fastest rise and fall times. A versatile tool, it can be used for plastic film perforation for food packaging. Produce perfectly round holes even at high speeds. This way, you can achieve 100% increase in productivity.

Excellent Power Stability with the Eternity Series

Conventional CO2 lasers lose power stability under 10% of their rated power. The Eternity series maintains excellent power stability from under one watt to maximum rated wattage. This way, you can achieve precise results across a wide range of applications.

Talk to our laser specialists about your application. Find a customized solution for your production.