Laser Processing of Diamonds

Precision Diamond Laser Cutting and Micromachining

High-Quality Manufacturing

Discover non-contact diamond cutting without thermally induced defects.

High Yield and Reduced Costs

Benefit from optimized beam parameters for minimized material loss and no post-processing needs.

Design Freedom

Diamond laser cutting without any geometrical constraints.

Carefully Controlled Laser Processing for the Finest Structures

Diamond Laser Cutting through Layer-by-Layer Ablation

Diamonds are the world’s hardest material but are sensitive to high-temperature gradients and tend to crack when processed. Traditional manufacturing processes like wire-based electrical discharge machining make diamond cutting a time-consuming process with high tool wear.

Diamond laser cutting shortens machining time considerably. Due to the extremely short laser pulses, the material can be removed without thermally damaging the remaining material. This enables a high-quality result with cut edges that have a low surface roughness.

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Why Iradion?

Low Material Loss with Diamond Laser Cutting

Diamond laser cutting and micromachining are cost-efficient solutions for creating the finest microstructures. Iradion’s femtosecond and nanosecond lasers offer high ablation rates with high pulse peak powers:

To find your tailor-made solution, our specialists test your material in our application laboratory. We also combine our know-how with partners who are experts in building machines for diamond processing. This way, we find the right laser for your application.

Materials & Areas of Application

Diamond Laser Cutting and Micromachining

Different types of diamonds and diamond layers can be processed with our femto- and nanosecond lasers:

  1.  Natural diamonds (ND)
  2.  Mono-crystalline diamonds (MCD)
  3.  Poly-crystalline diamonds (PCD)
  4.  Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds (CVD)


Experience faster and more efficient material processing:


Fast and accurate laser machining solutions for the tool manufacturing industry. Experience increased productivity and precision in applications like cutting, drilling, grooving, marking and structuring.


Benefit from excellent beam quality for tight kerf widths resulting in higher yields. Laser cut, drill, shape and slice with only marginal weight loss.


Laser cut electronic components. Process materials with minimized heat input. Benefit from less tool wear and barely any material loss.

Laser Optics

Laser cut PCD windows for high-power CO2 lasers and heat sinks for thin-disk lasers.

Find the best laser solution for diamond cutting and micromachining.

Suitable Laser Models

Diamond Laser Cutting and Processing Without Tool Wear

Laser model




Femtosecond laser

Nanosecond laser

Use for

Micromachining and cutting



1030 nm

532 nm

Pulse Energy

25 µJ @ 1 MHz

1 mJ @ 40 kHz

Pulse duration

500 fs

<15 ns

Repetition rate

Up to 2.5 MHz

Up to 400 kHz

Burst mode

Up to 30 MHz


Iradion Aionis laser source
Iradion Blizz laser source

High-Precision Manufacturing with the Aionis Series

The Aionis series offers highly efficient processing using burst mode. Pulse-on-demand enables high-precision processing, single pulse control and equidistant pulse distance.


Experience High Peak Power and Short Pulse Widths with the Blizz Series

The Blizz series was specifically developed for applications that require high output power. High peak powers combined with short pulse widths enable fast processing speeds, particularly on hard materials.  


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