Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!

Precision for Industrial Processes

Innovative Solutions for Your Individual Laser Applications

Process Expertise

A wide range of lasers is available in our application labs to support individual laser process development.

Core Laser Technology

CERAMICORE® CO2 lasers, NANOCORE™ Q-switched lasers as well as FEMTOCORE™ ultrafast lasers in various wavelengths enable different kinds of laser processing.

Solutions for many Industries

We provide solutions for today’s demanding applications in laser-based manufacturing technologies.

Solutions for Laser-Based Manufacturing

The Best Results for Your Laser Applications

At Iradion Laser, we provide solutions for a wide variety of laser applications. We offer decades of experience in laser technology to help you achieve the best possible results. 

Our core laser technology is available for a variety of applications, such as cutting, drilling, engraving, marking, and scribing. Process all types of material with no limitation on industries. 


Why Iradion

Highest Quality for Your Laser Applications

We collaborate closely with our customers to find a solution that fits your individual application. From determining feasibility to laser integration and service, Iradion is your partner for industrial laser applications.  

Take advantage of our worldwide network including application labs, distributors, integrators, and service partners. Our lasers are engineered for high-quality manufacturing. Benefit from our experience and application studies from a variety of industries, such as: 


Fully Equipped Application Lab to Improve Your Laser Processes

Iradion provides easy-to-integrate laser sources for a wide range of industries. From demanding manufacturing processes to precise scientific applications, our lasers offer exceptional performance.   

Get perfect results with a laser tailored to your needs. Just send samples and requirements of your specific laser applications. In our fully equipped application labs, our experienced specialists work on customized solutions to help you achieve the best results. 

Find the best laser solution for your needs.

Applications Overview

Exceptional Performance for Your Laser Applications

Diamonds displayed on black velvet.

Diamond Processing

High-quality manufacturing without any geometrical constraints and post-processing.

Laser marked QR code on automotive part


Cost-efficient and reliable lasers for high-quality manufacturing in automotive and e-mobility.


Food & Beverage

High-speed processing, discrete or on the fly.

Laser marked gear

Manufacturing & Material Processing

Efficient high-quality and productive manufacturing for all types of material.

Laser engraved textiles


Suitable for highly productive and large-area manufacturing.

Laser marked medical clamps

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Reliable lasers for stable and reproducible manufacturing.

Scientific analysis with laser beam


Think about new ways of analyzing, measuring or processing with core laser technology.

Laser engraved cardboard packaging


Lasers for high-speed processing on cardboard and other materials.

Micro-processing materials with lasers

Microelectronics & Semiconductors

Lasers for precise, fast, and cost-efficient micro-processing.

Image of a sliced apple edited to look as if there’s an orange inside


We provide the right laser for your specific application.


Your Laser Application Questions Answered

Iradion Laser offers two possibilities to find the best solution for your laser application.

In our worldwide application lab network, our process specialists perform experiments. Contact our sales team and schedule your applications. You may also visit our facilities.

We offer demo laser units where on-site experiments are performed within your manufacturing environment.

Choosing the appropriate laser is not an easy task. Many laser properties, such as wavelength, pulse duration, and average power affect the quality and speed of the manufacturing process.  

There are often geometric constraints when integrating lasers into your machine. Our experts help you to find the best laser for your applications and are happy to answer your questions. 

We are committed to making the process of finding a suitable laser for your application as easy and fast as possible. To place a request, simply send us your requirements and material that you want to process. We will schedule the trials and keep you updated. Typical turn-around times are in the range of 10 working days. 


Contact us and talk to our specialists to find the right solution for your laser applications.