Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source with PULSECORE technology!


World Leader in Core Laser Sources

Reliable Laser Processes

Improve the quality of your production with repeatable and precise laser processes.

Reduced Production Costs

Get a long laser life with our patented CERAMICORE® technology and durable laser design.

Easy Integration

Keep downtime to a minimum with our customized solutions.

Powerful Tools to Solve Production Challenges

Durable Laser Sources for Industrial Applications

Iradion provides customized laser solutions for your individual material and product requirements. Minimize downtime with our easy-to-integrate and -maintain laser sources.

Experience superior power stability with our innovative core laser technology and obtain precise results. Increase uptime and profits with reliable components for your production.

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More Information

Customized Development

Flexible Solutions for Efficient Workflows

Are you looking for a new technology for demanding applications? Iradion is your reliable partner for challenging laser processes. Our specialists help you customize our laser sources to optimize production.

Send us your materials and requirements. We can help you identify the most cost-effective laser solutions to speed up manufacturing. Our experts modify and combine field-proven standard modules to tailor laser performance to your needs.

Product Overview

Find a Suitable Laser Source for Your Application

Iradion provides solutions in all important industrial markets. The core lasers’ technology helps small and medium-sized businesses to develop their markets and achieve manufacturing goals in series production. We offer decades of experience in laser technology to help you achieve the best possible process results.

CO2 CeramiCore® laser source Eternity


Innovation with CERAMICORE® technology.

Nanio Air series laser source

Nanosecond Lasers

Customizable and durable for the best process result.

Femtosecond laser source Aionis

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Precision and Quality for micromachining.


Customized Lasers

Modified for your application.

Explore our laser sources and find the best fit for your individual application.

Step-by-Step Process

Tailoring Your Laser System to Your Requirements

World-leading in core laser technology, Iradion provides versatile solutions for your industrial applications. Our modular laser designs are easy to modify and the laser performance can be adapted to your requirements.

Develop your laser process with us:

Step 1
Feasibility Studies

We want your applications to work. Benefit from our experience and test our lasers on your material.

Step 2
Product Selection

We support you to select the best laser for your application. Choose from a variety of wavelengths, pulse durations and power levels.

Step 3
Process Design

Optimally use our laser sources. Let us help you to find the appropriate process design to be precise and fast.

Step 4

Our modular design and the small footprint of the lasers as well as the flexible interfacing make integration as easy as possible.


Supporting Your Laser Processes Across the World

Iradion provides excellent service and support, both directly and in cooperation with our partners around the world. Our experienced staff is waiting to solve your production challenges with you.

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Talk to our laser specialists about your requirements.

Discover the new Vivio 355-10-V UV laser source

Designed with PULSECORE technology and hyperclean UV technology for performance and durability, our new Vivio UV laser source now comes with a maximum output power of 10 watts. This new Q-switched nanosecond laser provides a fully integrated one-board power supply and laser control electronics for easy integration.

Vivio Q-switched nanosecond laser sources side by side